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How Flight Centre identified their customer’s top destinations, used upselling tactics and personalised abandonment emails to increase their conversion rate. Speak To Us

Background Story

Since launching their first store in the UK in 1995, Flight Centre is one of the world's largest and most successful independent travel retailers with over 1,300 stores around the globe, located throughout the UK as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, Canada and more.

They offer a truly personalised service. Whether it’s a family holiday, city break, honeymoon or point-to-point flight, their experts can create your ideal holiday experience.

Personalised Booking Abandonment Emails With Checkout Page Optimisation

Flight Centre wanted to harness the power of a booking abandonment solution because they had discovered users who abandoned their booking forms were not being contacted.

SaleCycle reviewed the Flight Centre user journey and identified touchpoints to create an effective abandonment campaign. We implemented a 2-cycle abandonment solution with retargeting and personalised messaging on the checkout page.

We identified the top 10 holiday destinations and designed custom templates for users who had abandoned their flight bookings to these locations. The optimised designs had a large impact with a 33% increase in conversion volumes.

The initial success of the campaign meant that the campaign extended to further areas of the Flight Centre website with car hire and experiences.

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The Results

Flight Centre saw a 33% increase in conversion rate in online purchases while using SaleCycle's solutions.

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