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2-Cycle Basket Abandonment Email

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Case Study
How increased their conversion rate, grew value from basket abandonment campaigns and increased average order value (AOV).

Increased Value From Basket Abandonment Campaigns & Average Order Value Growth

SaleCycle implemented a series of successful campaigns recovering online sales and growing average order value. Our solutions, such as the 2-cycle basket abandonment emails ensured customers choose rather than competitors at crucial points in the buyer’s journey. The aim was to increase the overall performance of a solid campaign even more.

Working with Kickdynamic we added bespoke product recommendations within our abandoned cart emails. We supplemented the emails with Kickdynamic’s revolutionary AI Prediction Engine and LYNX technology. This allowed seamless tracking of on-site activity to immediately provide personalised product recommendations. For example, most viewed, most purchased, frequently bought together are just some of the insights available and were introduced into the emails in real-time based on live site data.

We implemented a fixed delivery banner and on-site remarketing to increase conversion rates and the campaign was launched on a 50/50 split test to measure the uplift of having recommendations in place.

We increased conversion rate from sent from 2.26% to 2.93% which resulted in the value of conversions going from £1,953.08 to £4,390.99. The campaign also resulted in average order value increasing from £50.08 to £84.44.

The dual approach from SaleCycle and Kickdynamic has helped to gain more value from the basket abandonment campaigns, introduce more effective on-site marketing and ultimately, recover far more online sales. SaleCycle Conversion Rate Solutions

About Kickdynamic

Kickdynamicwas founded in 2012, born out of the desire to help marketers stand out in the crowded inbox. With a goal to help marketers achieve email content automation, personalization, and relevancy, Kickdynamic now powers email content for over 200 leading brands. Kickdynamic’s Intuitive email content toolkit increases customer satisfaction resulting in increased engagement, clicks, conversion, and revenue.

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The Results

Conversion Rate: 2.93% (up from 2.26%)

Conversion Value: £4,390.99 (up from £1,953.08)

Average Order Value: £84.44 (up from £50.08)

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