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How ASICS® increased their sales, recovered their abandoners, and acquired new customers.

Background Story

Founded in 1949 and now with over hundreds of stores globally, ASICS, and ASICS brands are renowned for producing quality footwear and sports equipment. This excellent reputation means ASICS sees thousands of visitors reach their site every day.

The challenges which ASICS faced were to bring visitors back to their site who abandoned at various touchpoints, improve the customer journey, and to keep growing their customer base by acquiring more email addresses.

ASICS partnered with SaleCycle to combat all of these challenges, and implemented Cart and Browse Abandonment campaigns, as well as dynamic On-Site Remarketing features to upsell and capture email addresses.


An Upgraded Customer Journey

Acknowledging the presence of abandoners from their site meant ASICS were presented with the opportunity to review their customer journey with the help of SaleCycle.

Segmented by both age and gender, ASICS now sends tailored, targeted and trendy emails, which reinforce their brand and bring customers back to complete their purchases.

The journey improvements don’t end there, as the addition of On-Site Remarketing Progress Bar campaigns mean that customers visiting the ASICS site now receive dynamic notifications which inform them how much more they need to spend to receive free delivery - in turn increasing ASICS’ conversion value.

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The Results

Across the ASICS brands, engagement is strongly displayed by the Cart Abandonment campaigns receiving an average 42% open rate, which in turn have produced a sales uplift of 3%.

In addition to this, the On-Site Remarketing feature which encourages an increase in average order value has seen an impressive conversion rate of 51%!



Average Open Rate

Increase in Sales

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“Working with SaleCycle has allowed us to optimize our customer journey intelligently with great success. The Cart and Browse Abandonment campaigns, combined with the On-Site Remarketing functionality, means our communications reach a wide range of visitors without any manual work. The service makes maintaining these campaigns easy, and I would recommend SaleCycle’s features to any business”

The Creatives

  • On-brand template created by SaleCycle’s design team, with targeted tone-of-voice
  • Up-to-date campaign imagery
  • Dynamic content tailored to each customer’s basket and journey
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