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Air Tahiti Nui strategy to reduce online booking abandonment and boost conversions.

The company

For nearly 25 years, Air Tahiti Nui has been the airline of choice for French Polynesia. Based in Papeete, it connects Tahiti to numerous destinations in 10 countries thanks to its code-sharing with partners including American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, SNCF, Aircalin, Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Qantas and LATAM. It operates direct to Tokyo, Auckland, Los Angeles, Seattle and Paris.

As a major player in the development of the tourism industry in French Polynesia and aware of the challenges linked to its activity (climate-energy, competition, new regulations, etc.), Air Tahiti Nui has voluntarily committed itself since 2015 to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach.

Background Story

What were the frustrations/difficulties you faced before working with SaleCycle?
Loss of shopping baskets.

What was the trigger that made you decide to establish a new approach to deal with it?
After analysing the conversion tunnel we observed a significant rate of abandonment. SaleCycle's solution won us over in terms of forecasted results, ROI, and above all, implementation, which did not require any restrictive internal intervention.

What are the objectives you are trying to achieve?
The objective was twofold, to collect qualified leads in order to enrich our database and not to lose a conversion in the process, and therefore boost our sales volume.

Which solutions have been implemented?
Remarketing of basket abandonment, by sending a summary of the flight reservation made by the user one hour after leaving the page of our site followed by a second reminder 24 hours later.


On average SaleCycle generates 5% of our turnover each month, and brings in several hundred qualified leads.

Below are the results for each solution:

Basket Abandonment


Opening rate


Clic rate / opening


Conversion rate / clic


Conversions value

On site pop in


Display rate


Conversion rate / clic


Conversions value

Basket Reminder Request


Display rate


Conversion rate / clic


Conversions value

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The support

How easy was it to start working with SaleCycle?
Good monitoring of customer management makes it possible to smooth the progress of ongoing tasks. Their ability to listen to our needs, their responsiveness and their ability to share information are real assets..

Which are your favorite features? And why?
The real-time sales monitoring dashboard allows us to log in whenever we want to get data.

How did our solutions help you achieve your goals?
We did several AB tests in order to optimise the performances. We were also careful in the presentation of the emailing thanks to the flexible layout of the tool and also on the verbatim.

Did SaleCycle meet your expectations ?
There is certainly room for improvement in performance, but overall the tool meets our expectations. We have actually deployed these solutions on our US site and would also like to study a similar roll-out on our other international sites.

The creatives

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