Email Marketing in a Privacy Conscious World

How email marketers have adapted to data regulations

The issue of data protection, and how organisations obtain and use consumer data, has come into sharp focus over the last few years.

This guide looks at how email marketers have adapted to data legislation, how email marketing will develop as a result.

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When used correctly, with the needs of the consumer as the number one priority, ethically-collected consumer data can be a very powerful tool for making brand-consumer interactions more positive for all parties.

Verity Jennings

Operations Manager at Phrasee


Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton is Editor-in-Chief at SaleCycle. Graham has more than 15 years’ experience in digital, having previously worked for Econsultancy, ClickZ and Search Engine Watch. He has written more than 2,500 articles and several best practice guides on many areas of digital marketing and ecommerce.

About the eBook

In response to privacy concerns, governments have been introducing legislation (GDPR & CCPA) with the intent to provide consumers with more control over how they allow their data to be used, and to ensure that there is more transparency from the companies holding and using data.

This report doesn’t aim to go into the details of the legislation, or the measures companies need to take to be compliant, but instead on how this greater focus on consumer consent and transparency has affected email marketing strategy.

We’ve been speaking to industry figures about how they’ve adapted to data legislation, and their views on how email marketing will develop as a result.

Our industry experts include Verity Jennings, Operations Manager at Phrasee, a company which specializes in the use of AI in email marketing, Emma Bonar, Head of Digital at fashion retailer Coast, and Schuh’s Head of Ecommerce (Optimisation) Stuart McMillan.

Email Marketing in a Privacy Consciuous World

17 pages (9 minute read)

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