2021 Ecommerce Stats & Trends Report

The latest data on ecommerce trends and online customer behaviour

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Brad Ward

Brad Ward is the SEO & Content Manager at SaleCycle. Brad is a former magazine journalist with over 8 years experience in digital, including SEO, social media and copywriting. Brad has written thousands of articles for a range of different sectors including online gambling, travel, education, sports and ecommerce

About the eBook

SaleCycle has worked with hundreds of ecommerce clients over the past ten years, helping them to recover abandoned sales, and increase online conversions.

SaleCycle provides a comprehensive overview of the state of ecommerce in 2020. Data from over 150 million conversions and user journey’s witnessed across many sectors including retail, fashion and travel has been used to create this report.

We provide detailed insight on 3 segments and multiple sub-segments in the areas of retail, fashion, travel and more. We also dig into global trends, conversion rate optimisation, online behavior and more.

For this report, we’ve collected a wide variety of data which shows ecommerce sales growth and patterns. We explore how shoppers behave across different sectors and devices, and abandonment trends.

In the 2021 Ecommerce Stats Report, SaleCycle also explores how the pandemic has shaped ecommerce data patterns compared to 2020 while also highlighting opportunities to improve your own digital strategy.

The 2021 Ecommerce Stats Report & Data-Driven Decisions

Reading Time: 25 minutes

At SaleCycle our conversion rate and abandonment solutions are underpinned by user-behaviour data of hundreds of millions of online conversions witnessed. Our solutions maximise conversion opportunities and ensure that your prospects become loyal customers.

Coronavirus has drawn a spotlight on ecommerce as online shoppers become increasingly reliant on digital transactions.

According to Statista the global fashion ecommerce market is predicted to grow to $872bn by 2023. However, due to the covid-19 global pandemic these numbers have been accelerated as more fashion brands have adapted and moved online out of necessity. This is just one of the sectors that have brought digital to the forefront of their strategic marketing strategy.

The 2021 Ecommerce Stats Report highlights a range of anonymized data from various sectors, providing a staple document to use against your marketing decisions.

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