2022 Fashion Ecommerce Stats & Trends Report

Insights To Understand User Behaviour & Increase Conversion Rate

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Get access to detailed fashion ecommerce insights, global trends and buying patterns of online fashion customers.

• Global Fashion Ecommerce Online Sales Stats & Trends

• Cart Abandonment Statistics

• Consumer vs Luxury Buying Habits

• Individual Product Segments

• Email Marketing Statistics

• Online Traffic Trends

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Casey Turnbull

Casey is a Fashion Journalism graduate & ecommerce marketing executive at SaleCycle. Casey is committed to producing high quality content backed by in-depth research and data. She has experience developing content in a range of sectors including fashion, ecommerce and sports.

About The 2022 Fashion Ecommerce Stats & Trends Report

This ebook provides vital details and statistics to benchmark your own results while investigating peak industry performance trends, so you can better predict the next financial year in the fashion ecommerce market.

Explore current user behaviours - when are people most likely to buy? What products are most popular at specific times of the day, week, month and year? And what can you do to increase your conversion rate?

These Insights Can Be Leveraged To:

• Benchmark your KPIs against industry and market-specific averages - online sales, cart abandonment rate, online traffic, average order value, email open rate and so on.

• Discover market trends that can lead to new business opportunities that may be otherwise overlooked.

• Get data-driven insights and expert tips to improve ecommerce performance.

• See how major events like Black Friday, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and so on, impacts online shopping metrics.

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