2022 Black Friday Ecommerce Strategy & Stats Report

Download this free PDF, which covers key Black Friday trends and statistics.

Get in-depth analysis and insights for the Black Friday user-journey and online shopping behaviour. We draw a spotlight on the week before, the event and the week after so you get a complete picture of the biggest and most important ecommerce period of the year.

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• Online traffic analysis

• Peak ecommerce buying times

• Browse abandonment rate

• Add-to-cart insights

• Black Friday ecommerce statistics

• Cart abandonment & online sales break down

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Brad Ward

Brad Ward is the SEO & Content Manager at SaleCycle. Brad is a former magazine journalist with over 8 years experience in digital, including SEO, social media and copywriting. Brad has written thousands of articles for a range of different sectors including online gambling, travel, education, sports and ecommerce.

About The 2022 Black Friday Ecommerce Strategy & Stats Report

SaleCycle has collected data from 49,433,226 baskets created and 409,607,109 online sessions tracked, which provides an accurate sample of how and when users purchase.

The best way to forecast future Black Friday events is by looking at past events and analysing patterns within the data. In this report SaleCycle provides in-depth data and analysis and we highlight key insights. We hope this report helps you create a complete strategy for Black Friday.

This report will help you understand the online customer behaviour changes throughout Black Friday. Therefore allowing you to position your campaigns accordingly to maximise your return on investment and online sales.

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