2023 Online Travel Market Trends

The Resurgence of The Travel Industry

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This free report gives you a complete 3-year overview of online travel statistics, which have been harnessed from 455,262,785 online customers in Travel.

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Brad Ward

Digital Marketing Manager

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About The 2023 Online Travel Market Trends

We gather information each time an online shopper makes a purchase or abandons their cart for the world’s biggest online Travel brands.

Reading Time: 8 minutes

• Benchmark your KPIs against industry and market-specific averages - online sales, cart abandonment rate, online traffic, average order value, email open rate and so on.

• Discover market trends that can lead to new business opportunities that may be otherwise overlooked.

• See how different times of the year impacts online shopping metrics.

• Analyse and compare the last 3 years of the Travel industry.

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