Build A High-Converting Black Friday Strategy

It’s experience-based recommendations taken from the learnings of 8,676,523 online purchases and 333,897,396 sessions analysed from brands across all types of industries.

This FREE ebook gives you the methods, solutions, stats & trends for building a:

• High-converting remarketing strategy for Black Friday (with clear recommendations)

• Optimisation plan of current strategies based on millions of users tracked (comes with stats & trends visuals)

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Marketing Specialist


Marketing Specialist

Build A High-Converting Black Friday Strategy [Table of Contents]

Online Traffic/ when and how online shoppers are browsing

Browse Abandonment / when online shoppers abandon their session and when they show the most intent

Add-to-Cart Rates / when and how online shoppers add to their carts and what you can do to convert those who abandon

Cart Abandonment / when cart abandonment is high, low and strategies to reduce the abandonment rate

Online Sales / what time, day and device users display when shopping for Black Friday

Email Marketing / average ecommerce email marketing metrics covering Black Friday landscape

Sector Insights / a deep dive into ecommerce sectors including fashion and retail

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Who's it for?

Ecommerce Brands

Understand Black Friday user-journey patterns, key buying times and best solutions to use to limit website drop offs and convert more browsers into paying customers during and after Black Friday.

Conversion-Focused Marketing Teams

Waste less time on strategies that don't drive revenue. Optimise marketing campaigns to turn them into top performing revenue drivers with focused trends data and expert recommendations.

Enterprise Ecommerce Business CEOs & CMOs

Use ready-made charts for your reports. Benchmark your KPIs against industry and market-specific averages and discover market trends that can lead to new business opportunities that may be otherwise overlooked.

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