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2 Cycle Cart Abandonment Emails

How TicketCity created highly-targeted campaigns and recovered their abandoners.
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Background Story

One of the first online ticket marketplaces, TicketCity was founded in 1990 and provides access to tickets for over 100,000 events including top sports, concerts, and theater.

Despite offering a great product and being trusted by over 1 million customers, TicketCity like all online retailers found booking abandonment a challenge.

TicketCity previously worked with SaleCycle to combat their booking abandonments and returned on a trial basis when a brand new approach was suggested. This successful partnership throughout the trial led to a longer-term relationship and some fantastic results along the way.


A Personalized Approach

With the help of SaleCycle, TicketCity implemented a 2-cycle Cart Abandonment campaign which was segmented based on the type of event abandoned. The campaign includes dynamic imagery and header copy, in addition to information relevant to the customer.

Once the campaigns were optimized for the best customer experience, SaleCycle suggested testing different elements to increase performance even further. Firstly, the idle time between the abandonment and the dispatch of the campaign was reduced from 48 hours to 22 hours, and secondly, a greater level of personalization was introduced with the customer’s name added to the subject line. Both tests saw an increase in open rate and therefore the changes in idle time and subject line personalization being tested were then made permanent.

“The skilled developers at SaleCycle have been able to work around our complicated rule sets and constantly changing product catalog to build perfectly customized offers, with no additional work for our development team.”

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The Results

The changes in idle time and subject line have proved successful, with the Cart Abandonment emails averaging an open rate of 26%, click rate of 5% and conversion from click of 8%. These results have in turn increased TicketCity’s sales by almost 4%.



Average Open Rate

increase in TicketCity's Sales

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The Creatives

  • On-brand template created by SaleCycle's design team, with targeted tone-of-voice
  • Up-to-date campaign imagery
  • Social banner promoting Instagram profile and shoppable landing page
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