How Vodafone increased online sales across all of their teams, 
which resulted in 2,000 additional sales per month.

Main Aim

Vodafone were working with a competitor and were keen to explore how SaleCycle could improve performance. This started with the initial home broadband campaign with a view that if successful, we would roll out to all products and expand.

The main goal of the campaign was to increase conversion rates from the abandoned baskets on-site for the home broadband team. They wanted to increase the number of sales for home broadband as it was a campaign that had been left in the background historically as handset and SIM had taken priority.

Super Cart Abandonment Sales

Vodafone has been able to increase online sales across all of their teams by having the SaleCycle cart abandonment and on-site campaigns live.

SaleCycle is responsible for delivering over 2000 online sales from cart abandonment each month alone.

Over 90 days, SaleCycle contributes to 2.66% of all Vodafone sales.

Favourite SaleCycle Feature

Promo Codes

Vodafone were struggling with handset sales, so SaleCycle launched a unique promo code test for the basket abandonment campaign. The results were really impressive.

Promotional Code Campaign Results

Click Rate

Conversion Rate From Send

Conversion Rate From Click

Online sales during 2-week test

The Results

SaleCycle Abandonment Campaign


Send Rate


Open Rate


Click Rate


Conversion Rate

Abandonment Prior To SaleCycle


Send Rate


Open Rate


Click Rate


Conversion Rate

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Solutions Implemented

Cart Abandonment Email Campaign

We launched a 2-cycle cart abandonment campaign including a consent scraper for home broadband. During the optimisation phase we focused on open rate and click rate, which boosted performance and then we launched a third cycle cart abandonment email to improve performance even more.

Following the huge success on home broadband, we rolled out to all products on the site taking over from the previous provider. This included launching a 2-cycle cart abandonment campaign for handset, SIM, Tablet & Laptops across 3 key customer teams: Acquisition (new customers), Second Line (existing customers purchasing another product) and Upgrade (existing customers who are upgrading their package).
Again following an initial success, we rolled out 3rd cycle emails to all live campaigns to boost performance by an additional 5%.

On-Site Remarketing (OSR) Campaign

We launched on-site remarketing to help Vodafone teams achieve their key targets.

The main goal of these campaigns were to increase on-site conversion rates by displaying compelling offers when a customer was inactive or showed intent to leave the site to persuade them to complete their purchase. We launched our first display ad and they have been using them each month ever since to promote the latest offers.

The second on-site remarketing solution was named a ‘Problem Solver’, the goal of this was to resolve a key question ‘what is the customer looking for during their journey’.

Much like when a customer goes into a retail Vodafone store and is greeted by a sales assistant. The 'Problem Solver' on-site message provides an understanding of the customers needs and suggest the best solution for them. Replicating the same experience that customers receive in-store on their online platform.

Background Story

Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in Europe and Africa and Europe’s biggest and fastest-growing 5G network. Vodafone has 323 million mobile customers across 21 markets and 48 partner markets around the world. They provide a variety of leading technologies and digital products and services across our markets, including: smartphones, broadband, AI, cloud services and many more

The Creatives

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